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WordPress Performance Updates

Stage 1 of your journey to improve your WordPress website performance is to request our performance report which will offer recommendations to improve your Google PageSpeed Insights score. Our Stage 1 report is free; Stage 2 is to implement some or all of the recommended updates for which we will charge depending on the time required for each agreed update. You’ll receive a quote for each recommended update with the Stage 1 performance report; Once payment is received for the selected updates, Stage 2 can proceed.

We can not guarantee a specific PageSpeed Insights score but we will guarantee a performance improvement. Some WordPress websites are built using themes that start less optimised than others and therefore may need more work to optimize. Some web pages include scripts that are not being used, such scripts tend to bloat the page byte size which increases page load times unnecessarily; unused scripts need removing and required scripts need to be minified. Often just optimizing images can significantly improve performance particularly for mobiles.

If you’ve not yet requested our free report then you have nothing to lose by requesting one here. If you’ve already received our report and decided to proceed with updates then we’re sure you’ll be pleased with the improved performance results!